Friday, 26 October 2018

Supers Unlimited Character Game Cards

This week we wanted to to take a closer look at the Supers Unlimited Character game cards. Next week we will resume looking at the upcoming minis and bios!

Pre-generated Supers Unlimited Characters have their own Character card. These cards depict a Character’s Traits, Keywords, Abilities, Talents, Gear or Spells (if any), and Attacks.

  1. Character high concept, Level, Alignment and Class(es)
  2. Primary Traits: Power, Move and Size
  3. HP track (red boxes denote the Character’s Red Zone)
  4. Attack Action Traits: Fight, Aim, Mind and Magic; the first number after the trait is the number of dice rolled, the second number (preceded by R) is the associated Resistance
  5. Recovery Trait; unlike the Attack Traits, this doesn’t have an associated Resistance value
  6. Keywords for Type and Origin, plus Elements and/or Specialities for some Characters
  7. Weakness, if any
  8. Talents, Abilities and Attack profiles
  9. Faction symbol
  10. Alignment symbol

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Supers Unlimited Kickstarter Has Launched!

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