Saturday, 24 November 2018

Tox (Coming Soon)

Transformed by a terrible lab accident, the monstrous Tox tries to hide from view, wandering Empire City's alleyways and sewers where superhuman conflict keeps finding him, one way or another.

You can read more about how Tox came to be a super here.

In Supers Unlimited games, Tox is a Tank and offers great durability and powerful melee attacks. In addition, his Damage field is a passive threat to models getting too close to him. This package of Abilities makes Tox ideal for holding objectives. As he is an Anti-Hero, you can include him in Hero or Villain Teams, or in an Irregulars team.

Look forward to seeing Tox as part of the Supers Unlimited launch range in early 2019.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Super Mission Force Partnership

Last week we were excited to announce that as part of the Supers Unlimited launch, each character will have a downloadable game card with Super Mission Force rules.

Published by Four-Color StudiosSuper Mission Force is the Goalsystem game of fast and fun superhero action!

Four-Color Studios specialises in skirmish miniature adventure games, and is independently operated and proudly located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can find the Four-Color Studios website by following this link.

The Super Mission Force rules feature easy character creation and quick game-play so are a perfect fit for the Supers Unlimited range.

You can see what the game cards will look like in the images in this post, including a close look at the Granite game card.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Supers Unlimited Launch 2019 - Kitbash Games

Kitbash Games is delighted to announce that it will launch the Supers Unlimited miniatures range and game in January 2019.

The crowd-funded launch will feature at least 9 miniatures at the start, with more unlocked depending on success. This launch will represent the start of a range of high-quality supers miniatures released alongside fast-play skirmish rules.

The Supers Unlimited miniatures launch will be backed up by a free to download beta rule set and downloadable game cards for all characters.

That is not all! Kitbash Games is very excited that the miniatures will also have rules for Super Mission Force under agreement with Four Color Studios – with downloadable ready-to-play profile cards for all launch characters. Super Mission Force is a highly-regarded, easy to learn, and fast-paced rules system, and Kitbash Games is very pleased to partner with Four Color Studios on this venture.

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Friday, 9 November 2018

The Arrow (Coming Soon)

The Arrow takes skills learned in military intelligence and matches those with her incredible archery prowess to bring justice to Empire City.

Last week we took a look into The Arrow's history and this week you get to see the upcoming mini!

The Arrow is now a stalwart member of The Protectorate an in games she will offer ranged attacks as well as Talents providing team support.

The Arrow will be part of the Supers Unlimited launch range in early 2019.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

The Arrow (Season 1)

The Arrow is The Protectorate's field leader, taking tactical command on operations.

Rhea Payne grew up in Texas, learning hunting skills from an early age. Her talent with bows soon led Rhea into competition archery, eventually representing her country at international level. After achieving global success, she decided to join the military while maintaining her sport. On discharge Rhea was swiftly recruited into US intelligence, and had to give up publicly competing in her favorite sport.

After several years operating in postings at home and abroad, Rhea became disillusioned with her role, seeing no improvement in the endless war against crime and espionage as she had to make compromise after compromise. The rise in super-crime finally caused her to make a decision that had been a long time coming.

Resigning from her intelligence job, Rhea moved to Empire City, drawn by a desire to make a difference in the city that was singularly besieged by super-crime. Donning a mask and deciding to use her archery skills to fight for justice, Rhea adopted the crime-fighting identity of The Arrow. Attracting the attention of The Eye, she was soon recruited into the latest incarnation of The Protectorate.

Supers Unlimited Kickstarter Has Launched!

The  Supers Unlimited  Kickstarter is live here:  link All characters will come with  Pulp City  and Super Mission Force profiles!