Friday, 22 June 2018


Immolator is the latest Villain preview for Supers Unlimited, joining Punchline in the Season 1 line-up for the Shadow Axis.

Princess Immah'latar was banished from the Krellan Empire by order of her mother, the Grand Majestrix Immah'lashan XXII. The ruthless princess had spied for years on her own kind, selling military and strategic secrets to the Grutharii, and at last her duplicity was uncovered. Knowing the price of he treason would be execution she used her royal command of flame to overcome her captors before she stole a private shuttle with hyperspace capability and fled for Grutharri space. She arrived to a welcome party led by Grug, as Grutharii ships opened fire on her small vessel. Shields failing under their fire she made a desperate jump to hyperspace once more, knowing the damage done to vessel's her hyperdrive  could fail at any moment.

When the drive failed, Immah'latar's craft dropped from hyperspace, plummeting planet-side to a world which was thankfully breathable for her. Her now-wrecked craft had fallen into the heart of some strange city, and she soon found herself surrounded by Earthly males in dark uniforms, pointing what she assumed were weapons at her. She summoned the royal fire and blasted the men, then launched into the sky, smiling that she had survived.

Immah'latar quickly adapted her technology to local language protocols and learned everything she could about this world called Earth, and its many 'superhumans'. When the villain Tyrant launched his Shadow Axis proclamation, she decided that here was a being worthy of her presence and alliance, and so that day another supervillain was born - the golden-skinned Immolator.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Soldier Hex (Season 1)

Soldier Hex is another of our Season 1 Heroes. A smart ex-special ops who has mastered some of the mystic arts during his travels.

When he finally left the military after a distinguished career, Simon Hendrix was at a loss as what to do next. A lifetime of soldiery had made him the best of the best, but time had finally caught up with him. He mused that he would go back to Empire City and maybe settle down some roots at last. Fate had other plans.

Returning to his old neighbourhood, Simon found a much-changed place. He walked the streets until the day grew late and twilight set in. Passing what he took to be a dusty old bookshop, its sign 'Grimalkin's'. He heard a commotion inside and breaking glass. Guessing there would be some kind of bell on the door, he stepped inside, hoping to be taken for just another passing customer. What he saw stunned him. Two men with vivid red skin and horns atop their heads, dressed in biker denim and leathers emblazoned with Road Demonz patches. A woman stood before them, with some kind of coruscating energy spilling from her hands and acting as a barrier to the advancing men. Simon launched a spinning roundhouse kick to the head of one, turned, slammed an elbow into his throat and following with a strike to the face. The thug dropped a knife with a smoking blade under the crush of blows. Simon grabbed it and swept it into the body of the other biker as he stumbled away from the weird energy the woman was unleashing. A long, twisted sharpened iron bar flew into his hand, and in that moment Simon knew what he had to do. He plunged it into the chest of the first down biker, then the second, each turning to dust as he did so.

Simon entered a new world that day, and Lydia Grimalkin became his guide. Simon travelled the world, visiting dark places, learning great and ancient secrets, and unlocking the magic that lay within him. In time his journey brought him to the Covenant of Justice, and he became Soldier Hex.

Stay tuned in the days ahead for a sneak peak at the Soldier Hex green, and don't forget the blog contest here (click for link).

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Kitbash Contest Time!

Contest time!

As we continue to build the Kitbash range of supers miniatures, we are creating chances to win one of our prototype Doc Cosmos miniatures.

The way to enter the context is simple - sign up to this blog as a Follower and comment on this post, saying what you would like to see from Supers Unlimited (only comments posted in the comments section will count); one comment per Follower will be counted, and any comments including profanities, insults or referencing other companies' IP will not be counted towards the competition.

When the blog has 25 Followers, we will set a date to randomly draw a winner of one Doc Cosmos miniature from Followers commenting on this post. If the blog gets to 50 Followers we will do another contest post for a second prototype Doc Cosmos miniature contest, and the same again for a third prize if the blog gets to 100 Followers.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Cowl (sneak peak)

So the whole point of this endeavour is to make minis, and with Doc Cosmos we made a start. Well now there are four sculpts ready in the Kitbash Supers Unlimited line-up (wait, what about numbers two and three you ask? You'll have to wait for the answer about those a little longer....).

So without further ado, a peak behind the curtain at our first 3-D print - The Cowl!

Friday, 8 June 2018

Ace (Season 1)

Ace is next in line for our Season 1 previews - a happy-go-lucky hero who fights alongside The Cowl as a member of the Covenant of Justice.

Journalist by day, costumed vigilante by night, Ace is having the time of his life as a masked hero – but will his luck finally run out?

The man who calls himself Ace started his newspaper career with the crime beat. Dan Fortune's job  included covering the latest super battles in Metro City, his editor constantly telling him that "supers sell papers!". One night he got too close to a story, chasing a long-shot lead which brought him to the old abandoned Ace Toys factory where captured Unhumans were being held. He thought it a good omen as his childhood nickname had been 'Ace'. Dan watched as one by one, containment cocoons were loaded into a truck. Thinking quickly he raced to a nearby pay-phone, miraculously in working order, and tipped off the police. Then he ran back to his nearby car, donned gloves, grabbing an old black t-shirt, quickly tearing a strip from it to fashion a crude mask. Sneaking back to the factory, Dan managed to creep up on the driver's side of the truck as the last cocoon was loaded. With the element of surprise he managed to grapple the driver from his cab, and leapt into his now-vacant seat. Dan gunned the engine and fled. The kidnappers gave chase in a couple of SUVs, but Dan's luck held as he swerved in an out of traffic when he hit busy city streets, with one pursuer then the other crashing into oncoming vehicles. As soon as police cars joined the breakneck convoy, Dan skidded the truck to a halt, and fled into the night, confident the victims in the truck would be safe. Dan was exhilarated. That night he managed to make the final deadline in the nick of time, the Daily Metro getting the scoop of the year when it announced the city's latest heroic masked crusader - Ace.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Punchline (Season 1)

Punchline is our first Villain preview!

Dave was a down-on-his-luck kids entertainer whose life was falling apart - his wife was having an affair, he was defaulting on his mortgage, and he could barely afford to keep his car moving. On his drive home from his first party clown job in weeks, he took a shortcut through a bad part of town. And suddenly Dave was caught in the middle of a super slug-fest. As earth-shaking blows were traded, the ground caved in beneath his car. When it finally crashed to a halt, Dave found himself in an abandoned super-lair, and in front of him, two gleaming golden power gloves. At last his luck had maybe turned. In that moment Punchline was born, and he would make the world pay.

Punchline is a heavy-hitting Villain threat, regularly on the night-time news following his latest solo caper or latest job with the Shadow Axis. No matter how many times he gets captured it seems he always manages to escape before too long and every time he does he is able to somehow reclaim his golden power gloves.

Supers Unlimited Kickstarter Has Launched!

The  Supers Unlimited  Kickstarter is live here:  link All characters will come with  Pulp City  and Super Mission Force profiles!