Sunday, 22 July 2018

Blackthorn (sneak peek)

To make up for the lack of the Friday character preview this week, here is a glimpse at another mini which will form part of the Supers Unlimited launch - Blackthorn!

A long-standing member of the Shadow Axis, Blackthorn will offer board control options to Villain Teams.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Covenant of Justice (Faction)

As a change to the weekly previews, this week we take a brief look at one of the first Factions that will appear in Supers Unlimited.

The Covenant of Justice are the world's premier Hero team with high profile members like Doc Cosmos, Scion, Mister Glory, Insectica, Iron Armstrong and Blaze, working alongside counterparts who often operate from the shadows, such as The Maven, The Cowl, Ace, Soldier Hex, Kitsune and the Revenant.

The history of the Covenant stretches back for decades, and a number of the current roster have inherited heroic legacies from forebears. That hasn't stopped them crossing swords with other Heroes, such as the mysterious members of the Protectorate.

The Covenant of Justice play-style lends itself to direct confrontation, or employing sneaky infiltration tactics, or even a mix of both!

Friday, 13 July 2018

Doc Cosmos (Season 1)

Rounding  out the first four Season 1 Heroes, and the character who started this project. Doc Cosmos regularly lights up the night skies across San Gabriel with his flashy cosmic energy powers, establishing himself as one of his country’s most prominent heroes in the media and the public consciousness.

However, few know the truth about his powers and how he acquired them. David Cross was a rock star in the astronomy world. Aged 26 he had more planetary discoveries to his name than anyone else, and had formulated his first emerging theories of cosmic flux particles. He was on the cover of popular science journals and crossed over to the mainstream.

Working late one night at the San Gabriel observatory, the sky was suddenly filled with fluctuating ribbons of light. The light pulsed and shined downwards, bathing the city in intense colourful light, and centred on the observatory. Inside, David’s instruments went wild, and his prototype cosmic flux particle detector overloaded.

Then, a bolt of energy raced through the building towards David, veering around objects as it moved. In the moment before it hit, David was sure he saw the face of his father in the light, a man who had been missing for twenty years. David was sure his father mouthed the word ‘son’ before the light washed over him and he blacked out. Hours later he awoke, imbued with energy and questions, and so the media-savvy hero Doc Cosmos was born.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Big Brain (sneak peak)

After the Big Brain art preview last week (click for link), here is a sneak peak of the character green!

The first batch of Supers Unlimited characters have now been sent off to the caster for mastering, and Big Brain is among them. More characters are being sculpted and soon we will get some studio paint-jobs done.

Also, don't forget the Kitbash Games contest post here (click for link)! We have 20 Followers so far, another 5 and the contest will be triggered!

Friday, 6 July 2018

Big Brain (Season 1)

Big Brain is the next Villain from the Shadow Axis ranks!

Dr. Bryan Bains and his colleague Dr. Alec Sallis were experimental biochemists tasked by EvoCorp with developing ways of unlocking superhuman capability in otherwise normal people. After years of dead ends, the pair finally found a promising breakthrough, devising their radical and unstable Formula X. However, Alec began to get cold feet, wondering about whether or not it was right to 'play god', angering his colleague. Something within Dr. Bains snapped. He would not allow years of work to be thrown away, he had worked too hard. He had suffered a lifetime of jibes about his size and intellect, and nicknames thrown at him at college such as 'Big Brain', and now the power he had secretly coveted was within his grasp.

Late at night after a long day in the lab, the two men argued. Dr. Sallis stated he intended to destroy their research and began to delete precious files. Overcome with rage, Dr. Bains sabotaged the safety protocols on the lab's only supply of Formula X. Sallis, a normally meek and pacifistic man, pushed his diminutive colleague out of the way, before stumbling over in his rush towards the vat of bubbling Formula X. Bains seized his chance and grasped a heavy pair of forceps, smashing his fellow scientist in the skull. Believing Dr. Sallis to be dead, Bains waited for his moment of truth and transformation.

Bains was changed when the volatile Formula X engulfed the small lab. In moments he was transformed, his cranium enlarged as both his id and his ultimate psychic potential was unleashed. He was Bains no more, and recalling the nickname he had hated so much he became Big Brain.

Friday, 22 June 2018


Immolator is the latest Villain preview for Supers Unlimited, joining Punchline in the Season 1 line-up for the Shadow Axis.

Princess Immah'latar was banished from the Krellan Empire by order of her mother, the Grand Majestrix Immah'lashan XXII. The ruthless princess had spied for years on her own kind, selling military and strategic secrets to the Grutharii, and at last her duplicity was uncovered. Knowing the price of he treason would be execution she used her royal command of flame to overcome her captors before she stole a private shuttle with hyperspace capability and fled for Grutharri space. She arrived to a welcome party led by Grug, as Grutharii ships opened fire on her small vessel. Shields failing under their fire she made a desperate jump to hyperspace once more, knowing the damage done to vessel's her hyperdrive  could fail at any moment.

When the drive failed, Immah'latar's craft dropped from hyperspace, plummeting planet-side to a world which was thankfully breathable for her. Her now-wrecked craft had fallen into the heart of some strange city, and she soon found herself surrounded by Earthly males in dark uniforms, pointing what she assumed were weapons at her. She summoned the royal fire and blasted the men, then launched into the sky, smiling that she had survived.

Immah'latar quickly adapted her technology to local language protocols and learned everything she could about this world called Earth, and its many 'superhumans'. When the villain Tyrant launched his Shadow Axis proclamation, she made a decision that here was a being worthy of her presence and allaince, and so that day another supervillain was born - the golden-skinned Immolator.

Blackthorn (sneak peek)

To make up for the lack of the Friday character preview this week, here is a glimpse at another mini which will form part of the Supers Un...