Warfang is HISS' primary enforcer. Ex-Mexican special forces operative Miguel Santos drifted through a variety of close protection jobs. When a HISS hit-squad attacked the Cartel member he was guarding, Miguel was badly injured. HISS science brought him back from the brink and the shadowy organisation offered him a new purpose which Miguel accepted without hesitation.

Warfang typically operates alongside a cadre of HISS troops, and he relishes every chance to go to to toe with a super. While he is no 'true believer', he is loyal to HISS as they have given him a direction missing since his days in the military, and they have the perfect superhuman living weapon.

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HISS Agent

HISS is a nefarious power with tendrils reaching across the globe. Individual cells operate on all continents Each cell operates alone or occasionally with others, working towards the organisation's greater goal, even if that brings them into conflict with other HISS groups. This is exactly as the high leadership wants it.

The backbone of HISS paramilitary forces are the Agents, Shock Troopers and Precepts. Squads or platoons of HISS troopers are only deployed when needed, and always with a clear purpose or goal to be achieved, even at those cost of those self-same soldiers.

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Kitsune rounds out the 'core five' heroes as I think of them (although my roster for the Covenant of Justice is much deeper than just these few as you'll see).

On the run from the Fox Clan of ninjas, Kitsune has been set up and has fled to the USA. In San Gabriel the former assassin found allies in the form of the Covenant of Justice as she first tries to understand why she was set up, and what her place will be in the world.

In Supers Unlimited terms, Kitsune is an Infiltrator (one of eight roles outlined in the book). She is Level 20 (which is mid-range for a Super Character). I'll start to show how those things can be applied to a Character in an upcoming post, and how easy it is to create a Super like Kitsune or others in the game.

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Iron Armstrong

Iron Armstrong is a long-lived example that good things can from terrible incidents. The youngest of three brothers in business together, Adam was always the most reckless and carefree. But he was tested when thieves broke into their factory hoping to steal a new formula, When Adam stood his ground the vial he held was shattered, spraying fluid across his body. At that moment, the storm outside blew the skylights in, and a lightning bolt surged down, causing Adam to fall into a vat of molten metal. He emerged like a man of iron, using new-found strength to capture the fleeing criminals. Over eighty years later, Iron Armstrong looks barely a day older than when he was transformed.

The Iron Armstrong character has been through a few names and conceptual revisions in terms of my plans before finally committing to a more fixed visual while developing Supers Unlimited. There are quite a few influences on this guy, from name, to power set, to look. I wanted someone who had an old fashioned …

Dice Dice Baby

Please forgive the post title!

Dice are a funny thing when it comes to gaming I think. A history of tabletop miniatures gaming has seen all kinds of dice randomisation methods, from single die rolls, to pools, with or without polyhedral dice. And then there are games which eschew dice in favour of cards systems.

I knew I would be sticking with dice instead of cards for Supers Unlimited, making a key decision the type of dice used: to employ the ubiquitous d6, or the slightly more varied outcomes of a d10? I knew I didn't want d20's (yes there are a number of systems using d20 suggesting a renaissance, but I don't really feel any game I enjoy really needs 5% result increments offered by a 20-sided die, and a d8 or d10 can also elegantly work as a scatter mechanism with equal ease, so for me a  non-starter).

While thinking through the options as mental exercises, I explored whether or not I wanted the Attacker and/or Defender to roll dice (either unilaterally or in oppositi…

The Cowl

She is the last agent of an ancient and secretive order committed to preserving justice. The Cowl nowseeks justice on the streets of San Gabriel as she works alongside the Covenant of Justice to fulfil the final duties of the Shadow Order. All she can rely on are her skills, her trusty .45's and the mystical hood which gives her access to the experiences of every agent of the Shadow Order before her.

The Cowl has undergone more change than a character such as Ace. I first envisaged the character as a male protagonist, but realised that didn't need to be the case. The character also had a different name and a slightly back story before evolving into the design shown here.

Although she carries a couple of guns, I don't picture The Cowl as a 'shoot first, ask questions later' type, instead they are her last-ditch back-up in a strange world of very powerful foes.

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Supers Unlimited Design Principles

The ethos I have set for myself with Kitbash Games is to make fun and accessible low-entry cost skirmish games.

Like many gamers, I have played and modified games for years, and as the first public Kitbash product, Supers Unlimitedwill be a real reflection of that, and of my lifelong fascination with the supers genre.

My first attempt at super-based skirmish gaming was with the old Warhammer Fantasy Battles 2nd edition which had a points cost calculator and profiles which in their own way allowed the creation of supers analogues. In those heady days I was using whatever Grenadier and Games Workshop minis I could get which I felt were suitable and created a whole pantheon of characters, although few ever made it to the table. I was a big fan of 'crunch' in those days, and it showed.

In the years since I have started and not finished a few sets of supers rules until Supers Unlimited. Informed by my experience contributing design for Pulp City, and reflecting on what I like in t…