Friday, 21 July 2017

Yomper Ready For Action!

Yomper is the first character whose art I commissioned for Squad Wars. He is a tough, no-nonsense British marine seconded to work with Strike Force, a top-secret multinational military force formed to combat emerging global threats including the insidious Scorpio.

The background presented in Squad Wars is there only to offer a framework should players choose it. The game is ultimately designed to be played with whatever factions players wish to recreate. However, page upon page of text is pretty hard to read, so pictures are needed to make the book easier on the eye for gamers! Therefore, Squad Wars has its own nominal background, but the rules are intended as a tool-kit to develop player's own gaming milieu.

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Friday, 14 July 2017

The Shape of Things to Come....

Squad Wars is taking shape. I finally have a working draft of text that I am happy to play-test with, which has meant a lot of writing, rewriting and rewriting again.

While I am doing that and while getting into the play-test phase, I have started commissioning art to fill up some of the pages in the book. This is something I really enjoy as it makes you think as an author about how to describe something as effectively as possible in a simple way that n artists can translate your mental vision into a piece of finished art.

This week I am being a little sneaky, just showing a silhouette, but from next week I will start to reveal some of the art I am gathering for Squad Wars.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Breaking Radio Silence....

Hi and apologies for the break since the last post!

I promise I have not inactive in recent months, instead I have been focusing on readying a second book that will eventually become a Kitbash product: Squad Wars.

While Supers Unlimited is aimed at taking a fast-pace action approach to supers-gaming,  Squad Wars is intended to enable military-pulp-action gaming in the style of classic 1980's series such as G.I. Joe, Action Force, M.A.S.K., The A-Team, and MegaForce etc. The game is not attached to any existing IP, just intended to emulate some of the things you might expect from gaming this kind of over the top genre.

I'll be showing some Squad Wars previews in coming weeks as well as some more Supers Unlimited previews as I progress on that. Both rule-sets are ready for play-test but I have deferred my hoped-for launch to later in the year as I weigh up what I want to do with regards to layout and design.

Supers Unlimited Kickstarter Has Launched!

The  Supers Unlimited  Kickstarter is live here:  link All characters will come with  Pulp City  and Super Mission Force profiles!