Monday 14 May 2018

Supers Unlimited Miniatures

Hi all!

I just wanted to flag up that Kitbash Games is working on a small range of supers minis which we plan to launch later this year!

The initial range is expected to comprise 9 minis: 4 Heroes, 4 Villains and 1 Anti-Hero. The launch will be backed up by a set of quick-start rules and eventually a full build your own characters rule-set.

The first of the minis we have to show are The Cowl and Doc Cosmos. The Cowl was completed recently while Doc Cosmos was developed as a personal project which we have decided to include in the wider Supers Unlimited range.

The first four minis are already sculpted, and the fifth is underway - the rest will follow soon! As soon as we get painted examples of the minis we will show them here.

In the mean-time, updates will also come through the Kitbash Games Facebook page here:

Thanks! :)


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