Sunday, 30 December 2018

Supers Unlimited Open Beta Rules

We have now added the Supers Unlimited open beta rules to the downloads section of the web-site!

These free to download no-frills-layout rules will be refined as the range continues to develop and can be used with the downloadable gaming cards.

Downloads: link

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Merry Christmas from Kitbash Games!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and we look forward to a Super New Year!

There will be more Supers Unlimited updates in the New Year!

Monday, 17 December 2018

Alpha Male (Coming Soon!)

This week on the Kitbash Games website we take a closer look at the Secret Origin of the Shadow Axis’ Alpha Male

Alpha Male will be a stretch goal when the Supers Unlimited range launches in early 2019!


Saturday, 8 December 2018

Blue Scarab (Coming Soon!)

Time to learn more about the Blue Scarab, one of Empire City’s newest crime-fighters!

You can read about this Hero’s Secret Origin here (click for link).

Blue Scarab will be a stretch goal when the Supers Unlimited range launches in January 2019!


Saturday, 1 December 2018

Punchline (Coming Soon!)

It is time to unveil Punchline, the clown prince of smash and grab!

Would he make your Villain team? Let us know!

Read more about Punchline's Secret Origin on the Kitbash web-site:

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Tox (Coming Soon)

Transformed by a terrible lab accident, the monstrous Tox tries to hide from view, wandering Empire City's alleyways and sewers where superhuman conflict keeps finding him, one way or another.

You can read more about how Tox came to be a super here.

In Supers Unlimited games, Tox is a Tank and offers great durability and powerful melee attacks. In addition, his Damage field is a passive threat to models getting too close to him. This package of Abilities makes Tox ideal for holding objectives. As he is an Anti-Hero, you can include him in Hero or Villain Teams, or in an Irregulars team.

Look forward to seeing Tox as part of the Supers Unlimited launch range in early 2019.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Super Mission Force Partnership

Last week we were excited to announce that as part of the Supers Unlimited launch, each character will have a downloadable game card with Super Mission Force rules.

Published by Four-Color StudiosSuper Mission Force is the Goalsystem game of fast and fun superhero action!

Four-Color Studios specialises in skirmish miniature adventure games, and is independently operated and proudly located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can find the Four-Color Studios website by following this link.

The Super Mission Force rules feature easy character creation and quick game-play so are a perfect fit for the Supers Unlimited range.

You can see what the game cards will look like in the images in this post, including a close look at the Granite game card.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Supers Unlimited Launch 2019 - Kitbash Games

Kitbash Games is delighted to announce that it will launch the Supers Unlimited miniatures range and game in January 2019.

The crowd-funded launch will feature at least 9 miniatures at the start, with more unlocked depending on success. This launch will represent the start of a range of high-quality supers miniatures released alongside fast-play skirmish rules.

The Supers Unlimited miniatures launch will be backed up by a free to download beta rule set and downloadable game cards for all characters.

That is not all! Kitbash Games is very excited that the miniatures will also have rules for Super Mission Force under agreement with Four Color Studios – with downloadable ready-to-play profile cards for all launch characters. Super Mission Force is a highly-regarded, easy to learn, and fast-paced rules system, and Kitbash Games is very pleased to partner with Four Color Studios on this venture.

To keep up with all the latest Supers Unlimited news Like or Follow the Kitbash Games Facebook page here:

Friday, 9 November 2018

The Arrow (Coming Soon)

The Arrow takes skills learned in military intelligence and matches those with her incredible archery prowess to bring justice to Empire City.

Last week we took a look into The Arrow's history and this week you get to see the upcoming mini!

The Arrow is now a stalwart member of The Protectorate an in games she will offer ranged attacks as well as Talents providing team support.

The Arrow will be part of the Supers Unlimited launch range in early 2019.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

The Arrow (Season 1)

The Arrow is The Protectorate's field leader, taking tactical command on operations.

Rhea Payne grew up in Texas, learning hunting skills from an early age. Her talent with bows soon led Rhea into competition archery, eventually representing her country at international level. After achieving global success, she decided to join the military while maintaining her sport. On discharge Rhea was swiftly recruited into US intelligence, and had to give up publicly competing in her favorite sport.

After several years operating in postings at home and abroad, Rhea became disillusioned with her role, seeing no improvement in the endless war against crime and espionage as she had to make compromise after compromise. The rise in super-crime finally caused her to make a decision that had been a long time coming.

Resigning from her intelligence job, Rhea moved to Empire City, drawn by a desire to make a difference in the city that was singularly besieged by super-crime. Donning a mask and deciding to use her archery skills to fight for justice, Rhea adopted the crime-fighting identity of The Arrow. Attracting the attention of The Eye, she was soon recruited into the latest incarnation of The Protectorate.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Supers Unlimited Character Game Cards

This week we wanted to to take a closer look at the Supers Unlimited Character game cards. Next week we will resume looking at the upcoming minis and bios!

Pre-generated Supers Unlimited Characters have their own Character card. These cards depict a Character’s Traits, Keywords, Abilities, Talents, Gear or Spells (if any), and Attacks.

  1. Character high concept, Level, Alignment and Class(es)
  2. Primary Traits: Power, Move and Size
  3. HP track (red boxes denote the Character’s Red Zone)
  4. Attack Action Traits: Fight, Aim, Mind and Magic; the first number after the trait is the number of dice rolled, the second number (preceded by R) is the associated Resistance
  5. Recovery Trait; unlike the Attack Traits, this doesn’t have an associated Resistance value
  6. Keywords for Type and Origin, plus Elements and/or Specialities for some Characters
  7. Weakness, if any
  8. Talents, Abilities and Attack profiles
  9. Faction symbol
  10. Alignment symbol

Friday, 19 October 2018

The Cowl (Coming Soon)

The Cowl is a legacy hero, bearing the mystical mantle that gives her code-name, and is the latest in a line of shadowy heroes who have used that power in the pursuit of justice.

The history and experience of each preceding Cowl imprints on the mystical hood, offering guidance to the next wearer until their time finally comes to an end. The current Cowl focuses on street-level super-crime in Louisiana's Rivière Noire, while also serving as  member of the Covenant of Justice. Averse to taking lives unless there is no other option, she primarily relies on special less-than-lethal ammunition for her trusty guns.

The Cowl will form part of the Supers Unlimited launch range in early 2019.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Supers Unlimited Beta Cards!

As an interlude between the Supers Unlimited Character biographies and minis previews we would like to show off the cards which will be available for download during the open beta phase of the Supers Unlimited launch.

The open beta rules will be available free-to-download at launch as will cards for all of the launch Characters. This will be one of the two rules systems that this range of minis launches with!

We plan to launch with the following Characters, and hope to unlock more if the launch campaign goes well: (Heroes) Ace, Doc Cosmos, Soldier Hex and The Cowl; (Villains) Big Brain, Blackthorn, Immolator and Mayhem; (Anti-Heroes) Roughneck and Tox.

We have plans for not only these ten supers, plus many more (such as the mysterious Grievous Angel for Season 2) - stay tuned for more information in the next few weeks!

Friday, 5 October 2018

Roughneck (Season 1)

Roughneck is a self-appointed protector of the streets - frequently out of his depth, more than once he has been all too easily manipulated by villains.

Mike Ruiz was a mechanic working the family auto-shop he inherited, just trying to get by. Thinking only of honoring his parents, Mike refused to pay protection money to the local mob, sparking a tragic course of events. One night as he locked up, he was attacked by three men. A skilled fighter, he surprised them with his ferocity and put two in the hospital. The next night more mobsters came, this time with a low-rent super-crook named Smash. Mike had prepared, and boob-trapped the auto-shop and yard. As mobsters were injured by his ambush, Smash tore into Mike with pulverizing fists. Mike was broken that night, the criminals leaving him for dead even as they torched the auto-shop.

The beating Mike took changed him, triggering a strong sense of right or wrong that was only compromised by often violent and erratic behavior. His physical recovery surprised the clinicians who worked with him, as determination pushed Mike to train himself to his limit and beyond. All through his rehabilitation a plan formed in Mike's mind, that he would become a heroic protector of the streets against villains like Smash. He fashioned the equipment he needed, making his own body armor and a reinforced baseball bat. Taking to the streets, Roughneck was born.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Mayhem (Coming Soon)

Mayhem is a washed-up pro-wrestler turned supervillain due to the machinations of a trickster god. With newly-acquired super-strength, he and his tag team partner have begun to wreak havoc on Empire City, revelling in destruction and certainly lives up to his name!

Mayhem will be in the launch line-up for Supers Unlimited, coming later this year. Expect more details about the launch in the coming weeks!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Immolator (Coming Soon)

An alien fugitive, Immolator has taken refuge on earth in the ranks of Shadow Axis, impressed by their leader Tyrant.

This model will be part of the launch line-up for Supers Unlimited, coming later this year. Expect more details about the launch in the next few weeks.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Tox (Season 1)

Tox wanders the sewers and shadowy back-alleys of Empire City, shunning prying eyes, standing beside his fellow Irregulars when needed.

Before he was Tox he remembers little. He suspects he wasn't always a walking mass of chemical muck, that he was someone else once. A life ago. He awoke one day and he was just Tox, or at least that was the name the street people gave him when he scared off people trying to harm them. Fragments of blurred memory threaten to break free at times, of a small man he thought friend, and pain like no other, then blackness.

Tox has made a place for himself in the city, among the lost and the broken, the outcasts and those hiding from view. The Irregulars aren't a team like the Covenant or other dogooders, and not like the Shadow Axis or the Crime Masters. They help each other when they need to. And Tox has found friends there. Like the always-angry Roughneck, who does his best to protect his neighbourhood, but still managing to get mixed up in bad things. Or Graymalkin, on the run, but stopping still long enough to notice that Tox' colour changes with his mood despite the strange regulator device on his chest. He has found some peace with these friends, and maybe he will one day find answers too.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Blackthorn (Coming Soon!)

Blackthorn is another Villain in the Shadow Axis ranks, but one who secretly serves a twisted and dangerous agenda rather than simply the accumulation of wealth and power.

Blackthorn will be joining Big Brain and other as Villains available in the Supers Unlimited launch later this year.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Big Brain (Coming Soon!)

Big Brain steps forward, bringing his unique brand of psychic villainy as one of the minis in the Supers Unlimited launch later this year!

We will launch the Supers Unlimited line with at least 9 miniatures (4 heroes, 4 villains, an Anti-Hero and maybe more!), and Big Brain will be part of that.

You can read his story here (click for link) to find out more about this megalomaniac mentalist.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Mayhem (Season 1)

Mayhem adds muscle to the the Villain side in the Supers Unlimited Season 1 launch!

The men known to wrestling fans as Mayhem and Alpha Male were both past their prime. Discarded by the big promotions, they decided to form their own promotion based in Empire City. the pair called in every favour   they could, investing every last dime they had, but they still knew it would be a risk. Finally came launch night and they had a packed house and local TV coverage. The final match on the card would be Mayhem versus Alpha Male, and all was going as planned. The two made their flamboyant entrances to the ring, ready to rumble.

And then their plans crumbled as Scion, the World’s Mightiest Man crashed through the auditorium roof while in combat with Battle-Engine. A stunned silence settled before the audience fled leaving only the two wrestlers, Scion and his foe, while an abandoned camera was still running. As Scion forcefully deactivated Battle-Engine, an enraged Mayhem cursed the hero, his fury captured by still-transmitting cameras. His big comeback, and his final shot was ruined by a glory-hunting hero. Without responding, Scion leapt through the gaping hole in the roof into the night sky.

In the following days, the impact of the disastrous comeback was revealed in crippling financial and public relations problems. Mayhem's verbal meltdown had turned the public and potential backers against him and his partner. The two wrestlers were at their lowest ebb when a man named Guile introduced himself as the avatar of a trickster god. He offered the two doubters a simple bargain - he would give them tremendous power, allowing them revenge on Scion, with the only price that they play the part of super human criminals as an extension of their ring personas, and that a great favour would be called in one day which neither could refuse. Mayhem accepted without a second thought, and Alpha Male soon agreed. Both were soon infused with unimaginable might. They unleashed a crime spree which led to many conflicts with Scion and other heroes. With each escape, Mayhem has begun to question why he was chosen by Guile, and what deed he will have to perform, but until then he enjoys his new life as a super-villain, playing his role to the hilt.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Blackthorn (Season 1)

Blackthorn will join the Villain ranks for Supers Unlimited in Season, unleashing his plant control powers to Shadow Axis' capabilities!

Walton 'Walt' Thorn was a scientist noted for his radical ideas on human-plant hybridisation as the means to cure illness. What few knew was the drive behind his zeal was a degenerative illness that he himself suffered. His peers rejected his ideas and mocked him in scientific journals and at conferences. With each attack, Walt's anger and bitterness grew at the fruitlessness of his experimentation. Desperate, Walt had exhausted every lead and strand of research, until a conversation with a mysterious woman who called herself Gail Land.

Ms. Land supplied Walt with maps leading to an uncharted area of rain-forest. Gathering a small crew and a portable laboratory, Walt set off. En route he witnessed first-hand the destruction of vast tracts of flora to meet the voracious demands of man, and his rage built further each day. At last his party reached its destination, and Walt found a flowering tree unlike any known to mankind. he had his prize. He quickly measured the properties of the tree and its bizarre blossom, and was certain he had found what he was looking for.

Walt's team quickly realized what he was planning to do and pleaded with him to stop, but his course was set. Injecting himself with a hastily-made formula Walt felt pain unlike any he had experienced before. As that passed he felt stronger than ever. His body quickly began to metamorphose into something part-human and part-plant. His rage coalesced into clear thought, and he lashed out at his  companions, determined to silence them permanently should they reveal his secret. On that day Walt died, recreated as Blackthorn. Since then he has aligned with the Shadow Axis, hiding his secret agenda to create a green world where humankind is secondary to a new life-form, his future race of human-plant hybrids.

Friday, 27 July 2018

And the Winner Is.....

We hit 25 Followers this week for the blog, and so it is time to announce the contest winner!

Without further ado, well done to PMMDJ whose name was drawn at random to be the winner of a prototype Doc Cosmos who will be winging his way from Kitbash Towers before too long. Thanks everyone for entering and commenting.

The comments have provided an opportunity to answer some questions about Supers Unlimited plans, so on to those:

Wouter Wolput
I think the game will definitely be able to benefit from 'build your own hero/villain' rules. This is something many other superhero games seem to fail to do or ot least do it right. But you already
have a ton of experience in the sector.
Also, sidekicks! Not everyone needs to be o so powerful

Answer: There will be build your own rules; not at the outset, but they have been developed as part of the overall game design process, so won't be a bolt-on, but have formed the basis of how all the SU characters were created! As for less powerful characters, keep an eye on the likes of Ace and Roughneck (below).

Waaargh Pug
I would very much like to see a brute, maxed-strength hero or anti-hero with bulging muscles and both fists raised. Sort of like an ultimate brawler! Excited to see where this line goes!

Answer: Expect something very much like that, hopefully in Season 2; let's call him Mayhem...

Woo! Customisability is key I think!

Answer: Build your own is definitely a plan, and we are weighing up having standard and Veteran profiles for the core characters.

I'd love to see a super with stretchy powers get their due. Most games have avoided them, which is fair since they could be very powerful given a little creativity. Which might be hard to model in a game.

Answer: Although no stretchy guys are planned for Season 1, we definitely want to include them as a classic archetype.

I'd like to see a ruleset interfacing with scenery large and small so it doesnt all depend on the miniatures and their skills.
Espescially with a low number of figures its replayability and differences could be handled by a ruleset doing just that.
Grab and smash bonuses, arm yourself with trashcan weaponry - achieve bonusses etc...

Answer: Interacting with the Environment both in combat and movement is fundamental to the game, don't worry.

Fantastic idea. Hope to see some fun powers effects sculpted and available to go with the cool hero sculpts. Keep up the good work!

Answer: A couple of Characters will have power effects made as models, but not all of them - we'll try and do it for the right Characters.

Figures are looking good so far. I definitely want a couple of them. For me, I like the big guys so a big, brutish bad guy (or girl) would be appealing...

Answer: There will be a few bigger brutish types (one was printed this week!), and as the game grows even bigger supers will be added.

great miniatures Leon...what do I want to see in the future?
Maybe those plucky teenagers from the 27th century "The Future hero's club"?
especially that team hot-head "Kid Comet"!
my favorite issue is #213 when they crossover with the Icons of Justice and fight each other!

Answer: No plans for the future characters yet, but certainly expect a time-displaced Faction in Season 2!

More villains!

Answer: We can promise that!

Eddy Artillery
Marvelous! More Super figures!! I shall be following this with interest!

Answer: We can promise more supers minis!

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Resin Masters!

This week, the first batch of resin masters have begun to be cast up, and we can show off the first fruits of that!

Left to right are: The Cowl, Big Brain and Soldier Hex.

Most of these masters will be used to eventually create production moulds for the range which will be cast in metal, and some will be used for 'studio' painting.

Meanwhile, two more characters have now been printed, and the next batch of masters will hopefully be cast during August.

In other news, stay tuned to Friday's post for the competition winner announcement!

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Blackthorn (sneak peek)

To make up for the lack of the Friday character preview this week, here is a glimpse at another mini which will form part of the Supers Unlimited launch - Blackthorn!

A long-standing member of the Shadow Axis, Blackthorn will offer board control options to Villain Teams.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Covenant of Justice (Faction)

As a change to the weekly previews, this week we take a brief look at one of the first Factions that will appear in Supers Unlimited.

The Covenant of Justice are the world's premier Hero team with high profile members like Doc Cosmos, Scion, Mister Glory, Insectica, Iron Armstrong and Blaze, working alongside counterparts who often operate from the shadows, such as The Maven, The Cowl, Ace, Soldier Hex, Kitsune and the Revenant.

The history of the Covenant stretches back for decades, and a number of the current roster have inherited heroic legacies from forebears. That hasn't stopped them crossing swords with other Heroes, such as the mysterious members of the Protectorate.

The Covenant of Justice play-style lends itself to direct confrontation, or employing sneaky infiltration tactics, or even a mix of both!

Friday, 13 July 2018

Doc Cosmos (Season 1)

Rounding  out the first four Season 1 Heroes, and the character who started this project. Doc Cosmos regularly lights up the night skies across San Gabriel with his flashy cosmic energy powers, establishing himself as one of his country’s most prominent heroes in the media and the public consciousness.

However, few know the truth about his powers and how he acquired them. David Cross was a rock star in the astronomy world. Aged 26 he had more planetary discoveries to his name than anyone else, and had formulated his first emerging theories of cosmic flux particles. He was on the cover of popular science journals and crossed over to the mainstream.

Working late one night at the San Gabriel observatory, the sky was suddenly filled with fluctuating ribbons of light. The light pulsed and shined downwards, bathing the city in intense colourful light, and centred on the observatory. Inside, David’s instruments went wild, and his prototype cosmic flux particle detector overloaded.

Then, a bolt of energy raced through the building towards David, veering around objects as it moved. In the moment before it hit, David was sure he saw the face of his father in the light, a man who had been missing for twenty years. David was sure his father mouthed the word ‘son’ before the light washed over him and he blacked out. Hours later he awoke, imbued with energy and questions, and so the media-savvy hero Doc Cosmos was born.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Big Brain (sneak peak)

After the Big Brain art preview last week (click for link), here is a sneak peak of the character green!

The first batch of Supers Unlimited characters have now been sent off to the caster for mastering, and Big Brain is among them. More characters are being sculpted and soon we will get some studio paint-jobs done.

Also, don't forget the Kitbash Games contest post here (click for link)! We have 20 Followers so far, another 5 and the contest will be triggered!

Friday, 6 July 2018

Big Brain (Season 1)

Big Brain is the next Villain from the Shadow Axis ranks!

Dr. Bryan Bains and his colleague Dr. Alec Sallis were experimental biochemists tasked by EvoCorp with developing ways of unlocking superhuman capability in otherwise normal people. After years of dead ends, the pair finally found a promising breakthrough, devising their radical and unstable Formula X. However, Alec began to get cold feet, wondering about whether or not it was right to 'play god', angering his colleague. Something within Dr. Bains snapped. He would not allow years of work to be thrown away, he had worked too hard. He had suffered a lifetime of jibes about his size and intellect, and nicknames thrown at him at college such as 'Big Brain', and now the power he had secretly coveted was within his grasp.

Late at night after a long day in the lab, the two men argued. Dr. Sallis stated he intended to destroy their research and began to delete precious files. Overcome with rage, Dr. Bains sabotaged the safety protocols on the lab's only supply of Formula X. Sallis, a normally meek and pacifistic man, pushed his diminutive colleague out of the way, before stumbling over in his rush towards the vat of bubbling Formula X. Bains seized his chance and grasped a heavy pair of forceps, smashing his fellow scientist in the skull. Believing Dr. Sallis to be dead, Bains waited for his moment of truth and transformation.

Bains was changed when the volatile Formula X engulfed the small lab. In moments he was transformed, his cranium enlarged as both his id and his ultimate psychic potential was unleashed. He was Bains no more, and recalling the nickname he had hated so much he became Big Brain.

Friday, 22 June 2018


Immolator is the latest Villain preview for Supers Unlimited, joining Punchline in the Season 1 line-up for the Shadow Axis.

Princess Immah'latar was banished from the Krellan Empire by order of her mother, the Grand Majestrix Immah'lashan XXII. The ruthless princess had spied for years on her own kind, selling military and strategic secrets to the Grutharii, and at last her duplicity was uncovered. Knowing the price of he treason would be execution she used her royal command of flame to overcome her captors before she stole a private shuttle with hyperspace capability and fled for Grutharri space. She arrived to a welcome party led by Grug, as Grutharii ships opened fire on her small vessel. Shields failing under their fire she made a desperate jump to hyperspace once more, knowing the damage done to vessel's her hyperdrive  could fail at any moment.

When the drive failed, Immah'latar's craft dropped from hyperspace, plummeting planet-side to a world which was thankfully breathable for her. Her now-wrecked craft had fallen into the heart of some strange city, and she soon found herself surrounded by Earthly males in dark uniforms, pointing what she assumed were weapons at her. She summoned the royal fire and blasted the men, then launched into the sky, smiling that she had survived.

Immah'latar quickly adapted her technology to local language protocols and learned everything she could about this world called Earth, and its many 'superhumans'. When the villain Tyrant launched his Shadow Axis proclamation, she decided that here was a being worthy of her presence and alliance, and so that day another supervillain was born - the golden-skinned Immolator.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Soldier Hex (Season 1)

Soldier Hex is another of our Season 1 Heroes. A smart ex-special ops who has mastered some of the mystic arts during his travels.

When he finally left the military after a distinguished career, Simon Hendrix was at a loss as what to do next. A lifetime of soldiery had made him the best of the best, but time had finally caught up with him. He mused that he would go back to Empire City and maybe settle down some roots at last. Fate had other plans.

Returning to his old neighbourhood, Simon found a much-changed place. He walked the streets until the day grew late and twilight set in. Passing what he took to be a dusty old bookshop, its sign 'Grimalkin's'. He heard a commotion inside and breaking glass. Guessing there would be some kind of bell on the door, he stepped inside, hoping to be taken for just another passing customer. What he saw stunned him. Two men with vivid red skin and horns atop their heads, dressed in biker denim and leathers emblazoned with Road Demonz patches. A woman stood before them, with some kind of coruscating energy spilling from her hands and acting as a barrier to the advancing men. Simon launched a spinning roundhouse kick to the head of one, turned, slammed an elbow into his throat and following with a strike to the face. The thug dropped a knife with a smoking blade under the crush of blows. Simon grabbed it and swept it into the body of the other biker as he stumbled away from the weird energy the woman was unleashing. A long, twisted sharpened iron bar flew into his hand, and in that moment Simon knew what he had to do. He plunged it into the chest of the first down biker, then the second, each turning to dust as he did so.

Simon entered a new world that day, and Lydia Grimalkin became his guide. Simon travelled the world, visiting dark places, learning great and ancient secrets, and unlocking the magic that lay within him. In time his journey brought him to the Covenant of Justice, and he became Soldier Hex.

Stay tuned in the days ahead for a sneak peak at the Soldier Hex green, and don't forget the blog contest here (click for link).

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Kitbash Contest Time!

Contest time!

As we continue to build the Kitbash range of supers miniatures, we are creating chances to win one of our prototype Doc Cosmos miniatures.

The way to enter the context is simple - sign up to this blog as a Follower and comment on this post, saying what you would like to see from Supers Unlimited (only comments posted in the comments section will count); one comment per Follower will be counted, and any comments including profanities, insults or referencing other companies' IP will not be counted towards the competition.

When the blog has 25 Followers, we will set a date to randomly draw a winner of one Doc Cosmos miniature from Followers commenting on this post. If the blog gets to 50 Followers we will do another contest post for a second prototype Doc Cosmos miniature contest, and the same again for a third prize if the blog gets to 100 Followers.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Cowl (sneak peak)

So the whole point of this endeavour is to make minis, and with Doc Cosmos we made a start. Well now there are four sculpts ready in the Kitbash Supers Unlimited line-up (wait, what about numbers two and three you ask? You'll have to wait for the answer about those a little longer....).

So without further ado, a peak behind the curtain at our first 3-D print - The Cowl!

Friday, 8 June 2018

Ace (Season 1)

Ace is next in line for our Season 1 previews - a happy-go-lucky hero who fights alongside The Cowl as a member of the Covenant of Justice.

Journalist by day, costumed vigilante by night, Ace is having the time of his life as a masked hero – but will his luck finally run out?

The man who calls himself Ace started his newspaper career with the crime beat. Dan Fortune's job  included covering the latest super battles in Metro City, his editor constantly telling him that "supers sell papers!". One night he got too close to a story, chasing a long-shot lead which brought him to the old abandoned Ace Toys factory where captured Unhumans were being held. He thought it a good omen as his childhood nickname had been 'Ace'. Dan watched as one by one, containment cocoons were loaded into a truck. Thinking quickly he raced to a nearby pay-phone, miraculously in working order, and tipped off the police. Then he ran back to his nearby car, donned gloves, grabbing an old black t-shirt, quickly tearing a strip from it to fashion a crude mask. Sneaking back to the factory, Dan managed to creep up on the driver's side of the truck as the last cocoon was loaded. With the element of surprise he managed to grapple the driver from his cab, and leapt into his now-vacant seat. Dan gunned the engine and fled. The kidnappers gave chase in a couple of SUVs, but Dan's luck held as he swerved in an out of traffic when he hit busy city streets, with one pursuer then the other crashing into oncoming vehicles. As soon as police cars joined the breakneck convoy, Dan skidded the truck to a halt, and fled into the night, confident the victims in the truck would be safe. Dan was exhilarated. That night he managed to make the final deadline in the nick of time, the Daily Metro getting the scoop of the year when it announced the city's latest heroic masked crusader - Ace.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Punchline (Season 1)

Punchline is our first Villain preview!

Dave was a down-on-his-luck kids entertainer whose life was falling apart - his wife was having an affair, he was defaulting on his mortgage, and he could barely afford to keep his car moving. On his drive home from his first party clown job in weeks, he took a shortcut through a bad part of town. And suddenly Dave was caught in the middle of a super slug-fest. As earth-shaking blows were traded, the ground caved in beneath his car. When it finally crashed to a halt, Dave found himself in an abandoned super-lair, and in front of him, two gleaming golden power gloves. At last his luck had maybe turned. In that moment Punchline was born, and he would make the world pay.

Punchline is a heavy-hitting Villain threat, regularly on the night-time news following his latest solo caper or latest job with the Shadow Axis. No matter how many times he gets captured it seems he always manages to escape before too long and every time he does he is able to somehow reclaim his golden power gloves.

Friday, 25 May 2018

The Cowl (Season 1)

As a preview of the characters who will be included in the Supers Unlimited Season 1 launch planned for late 2018, this week we focus on The Cowl.

The Cowl is a shadowy loner except when called in to action by the Covenant of Justice. She is a Hero with a strong sense of justice who bears the weight of legacy - she is not the first Cowl, nor does she think she will be the last.

Each successive Cowl wears a hood imprinted with the experiences of every bearer who went before them, and which only serves the just. Armed with twin pistols, The Cowl focuses on street-level super-crime in Louisiana's Rivière Noire. Averse to taking lives, she primarily relies on special less-than-lethal ammunition for her trusty guns. The Cowl brings stealth, detective work and infiltration skills to Covenant of Justice missions.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Granite (Season 1)

As a follow on from the reveal of Granite, here is a mid-week update to give you a sense of just who this mighty Anti-Hero is!

Granite escaped the top-secret Project: Nu-Genix base along with three other detainees. All were subjected to painful and gruelling experiments intended to unlock latent Unhuman powers. A freak accident allowed them the chance to break free and Granite and his team-mates have been on the run ever since, searching for other victims of the project and determined to bring to justice the shadowy figures behind the conspiracy. This has brought them into conflict with Heroes and Villains on numerous occasions as they face persecution and a fight for truth.

Granite’s powers allow him to assume a super-strong and durable rock-like form. As time passes he the happy-go-lucky Granite finds it increasingly hard to revert to his normal form, and he secretly fears he will one day become trapped. Worse still, he hates that the team leader Headlock just views him as muscle with little else to offer.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Season 1 - Granite!

Over the next few months we plan to show off the minis and preview art for the characters which will make up the Supers Unlimited Season 1 releases.

The range is being planned in seasons, groups of minis to build up existing Factions or add new Factions.

One of the Season 1 characters will be Granite!

Stay tuned for more previews and information in the weeks and months ahead.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Supers Unlimited Miniatures

Hi all!

I just wanted to flag up that Kitbash Games is working on a small range of supers minis which we plan to launch later this year!

The initial range is expected to comprise 9 minis: 4 Heroes, 4 Villains and 1 Anti-Hero. The launch will be backed up by a set of quick-start rules and eventually a full build your own characters rule-set.

The first of the minis we have to show are The Cowl and Doc Cosmos. The Cowl was completed recently while Doc Cosmos was developed as a personal project which we have decided to include in the wider Supers Unlimited range.

The first four minis are already sculpted, and the fifth is underway - the rest will follow soon! As soon as we get painted examples of the minis we will show them here.

In the mean-time, updates will also come through the Kitbash Games Facebook page here:

Thanks! :)

Supers Unlimited Kickstarter Has Launched!

The  Supers Unlimited  Kickstarter is live here:  link All characters will come with  Pulp City  and Super Mission Force profiles!