Friday, 19 October 2018

The Cowl (Coming Soon)

The Cowl is a legacy hero, bearing the mystical mantle that gives her code-name, and is the latest in a line of shadowy heroes who have used that power in the pursuit of justice.

The history and experience of each preceding Cowl imprints on the mystical hood, offering guidance to the next wearer until their time finally comes to an end. The current Cowl focuses on street-level super-crime in Louisiana's Rivière Noire, while also serving as  member of the Covenant of Justice. Averse to taking lives unless there is no other option, she primarily relies on special less-than-lethal ammunition for her trusty guns.

The Cowl will form part of the Supers Unlimited launch range in early 2019.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Supers Unlimited Beta Cards!

As an interlude between the Supers Unlimited Character biographies and minis previews we would like to show off the cards which will be available for download during the open beta phase of the Supers Unlimited launch.

The open beta rules will be available free-to-download at launch as will cards for all of the launch Characters. This will be one of the two rules systems that this range of minis launches with!

We plan to launch with the following Characters, and hope to unlock more if the launch campaign goes well: (Heroes) Ace, Doc Cosmos, Soldier Hex and The Cowl; (Villains) Big Brain, Blackthorn, Immolator and Mayhem; (Anti-Heroes) Roughneck and Tox.

We have plans for not only these ten supers, plus many more (such as the mysterious Grievous Angel for Season 2) - stay tuned for more information in the next few weeks!

Friday, 5 October 2018

Roughneck (Season 1)

Roughneck is a self-appointed protector of the streets - frequently out of his depth, more than once he has been all too easily manipulated by villains.

Mike Ruiz was a mechanic working the family auto-shop he inherited, just trying to get by. Thinking only of honoring his parents, Mike refused to pay protection money to the local mob, sparking a tragic course of events. One night as he locked up, he was attacked by three men. A skilled fighter, he surprised them with his ferocity and put two in the hospital. The next night more mobsters came, this time with a low-rent super-crook named Smash. Mike had prepared, and boob-trapped the auto-shop and yard. As mobsters were injured by his ambush, Smash tore into Mike with pulverizing fists. Mike was broken that night, the criminals leaving him for dead even as they torched the auto-shop.

The beating Mike took changed him, triggering a strong sense of right or wrong that was only compromised by often violent and erratic behavior. His physical recovery surprised the clinicians who worked with him, as determination pushed Mike to train himself to his limit and beyond. All through his rehabilitation a plan formed in Mike's mind, that he would become a heroic protector of the streets against villains like Smash. He fashioned the equipment he needed, making his own body armor and a reinforced baseball bat. Taking to the streets, Roughneck was born.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Mayhem (Coming Soon)

Mayhem is a washed-up pro-wrestler turned supervillain due to the machinations of a trickster god. With newly-acquired super-strength, he and his tag team partner have begun to wreak havoc on Empire City, revelling in destruction and certainly lives up to his name!

Mayhem will be in the launch line-up for Supers Unlimited, coming later this year. Expect more details about the launch in the coming weeks!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Immolator (Coming Soon)

An alien fugitive, Immolator has taken refuge on earth in the ranks of Shadow Axis, impressed by their leader Tyrant.

This model will be part of the launch line-up for Supers Unlimited, coming later this year. Expect more details about the launch in the next few weeks.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Tox (Season 1)

Tox wanders the sewers and shadowy back-alleys of Empire City, shunning prying eyes, standing beside his fellow Irregulars when needed.

Before he was Tox he remembers little. He suspects he wasn't always a walking mass of chemical muck, that he was someone else once. A life ago. He awoke one day and he was just Tox, or at least that was the name the street people gave him when he scared off people trying to harm them. Fragments of blurred memory threaten to break free at times, of a small man he thought friend, and pain like no other, then blackness.

Tox has made a place for himself in the city, among the lost and the broken, the outcasts and those hiding from view. The Irregulars aren't a team like the Covenant or other dogooders, and not like the Shadow Axis or the Crime Masters. They help each other when they need to. And Tox has found friends there. Like the always-angry Roughneck, who does his best to protect his neighbourhood, but still managing to get mixed up in bad things. Or Graymalkin, on the run, but stopping still long enough to notice that Tox' colour changes with his mood despite the strange regulator device on his chest. He has found some peace with these friends, and maybe he will one day find answers too.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Blackthorn (Coming Soon!)

Blackthorn is another Villain in the Shadow Axis ranks, but one who secretly serves a twisted and dangerous agenda rather than simply the accumulation of wealth and power.

Blackthorn will be joining Big Brain and other as Villains available in the Supers Unlimited launch later this year.

The Cowl (Coming Soon)

The Cowl is a legacy hero, bearing the mystical mantle that gives her code-name, and is the latest in a line of shadowy heroes who have u...