Friday, 22 June 2018


Immolator is the latest Villain preview for Supers Unlimited, joining Punchline in the Season 1 line-up for the Shadow Axis.

Princess Immah'latar was banished from the Krellan Empire by order of her mother, the Grand Majestrix Immah'lashan XXII. The ruthless princess had spied for years on her own kind, selling military and strategic secrets to the Grutharii, and at last her duplicity was uncovered. Knowing the price of he treason would be execution she used her royal command of flame to overcome her captors before she stole a private shuttle with hyperspace capability and fled for Grutharri space. She arrived to a welcome party led by Grug, as Grutharii ships opened fire on her small vessel. Shields failing under their fire she made a desperate jump to hyperspace once more, knowing the damage done to vessel's her hyperdrive  could fail at any moment.

When the drive failed, Immah'latar's craft dropped from hyperspace, plummeting planet-side to a world which was thankfully breathable for her. Her now-wrecked craft had fallen into the heart of some strange city, and she soon found herself surrounded by Earthly males in dark uniforms, pointing what she assumed were weapons at her. She summoned the royal fire and blasted the men, then launched into the sky, smiling that she had survived.

Immah'latar quickly adapted her technology to local language protocols and learned everything she could about this world called Earth, and its many 'superhumans'. When the villain Tyrant launched his Shadow Axis proclamation, she decided that here was a being worthy of her presence and alliance, and so that day another supervillain was born - the golden-skinned Immolator.


  1. Not a very big fan of the swimsuit and boots uniform, it's already been done so many times before. Not only is it a bit sexist, it also doesn't make much sense.
    Her background does sound good though.

    1. Hi Wouter. Sorry you find her sexist; I hope you appreciate that there are a variety of styles in the SU range - for example the Cowl is vastly different in how she is depicted.

      Immolator comes from different cultural norms, as do each of the SU characters. For what appear immodest to us, in Immolator's society may not be.

    2. I was impressed by the characters so far and one who fails to do just that because of her outfit isn't going to change my interest in the game. No worries.
      I do not want to start an argument over her costume here either. It's just something I think the community and creators need to be more aware of.

    3. Hi Wouter. I ma very mindful I think, which I think is shown by the costumes for The Cowl and Kitsune, and which will also be seen when Blaze, The Arrow, Strix and Striga among other make their appearances. :)

  2. Every Supers universe needs a flame throwing vixen! I think she'll be a cool(?!?) addition to any supervillains clique. Not at all bothered by the swimsuit uniform, I think it fits nicely into the genre and the whole sexist arguments have been around for decades (yawn)


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