Friday, 14 July 2017

The Shape of Things to Come....

Squad Wars is taking shape. I finally have a working draft of text that I am happy to play-test with, which has meant a lot of writing, rewriting and rewriting again.

While I am doing that and while getting into the play-test phase, I have started commissioning art to fill up some of the pages in the book. This is something I really enjoy as it makes you think as an author about how to describe something as effectively as possible in a simple way that n artists can translate your mental vision into a piece of finished art.

This week I am being a little sneaky, just showing a silhouette, but from next week I will start to reveal some of the art I am gathering for Squad Wars.


  1. Seems like this project is closer to completion than your superhero game.
    I do love the sound of commissioned art, though with the IP and everything I suppose it isn't going to feature any GI Joes 😊. But no doubt, the game is flexible enough to support a whole lot of different set-ups.
    Will there be any scenarios in there and have a campaign play package?

    1. Hi Wouter; to be honest, both books at are roughly the same stage of completion. :)

      Yes, the game is intended to support different gaming set-ups. :)

      Campaign rules are something for the planned expansion book. :)


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