Friday, 27 July 2018

And the Winner Is.....

We hit 25 Followers this week for the blog, and so it is time to announce the contest winner!

Without further ado, well done to PMMDJ whose name was drawn at random to be the winner of a prototype Doc Cosmos who will be winging his way from Kitbash Towers before too long. Thanks everyone for entering and commenting.

The comments have provided an opportunity to answer some questions about Supers Unlimited plans, so on to those:

Wouter Wolput
I think the game will definitely be able to benefit from 'build your own hero/villain' rules. This is something many other superhero games seem to fail to do or ot least do it right. But you already
have a ton of experience in the sector.
Also, sidekicks! Not everyone needs to be o so powerful

Answer: There will be build your own rules; not at the outset, but they have been developed as part of the overall game design process, so won't be a bolt-on, but have formed the basis of how all the SU characters were created! As for less powerful characters, keep an eye on the likes of Ace and Roughneck (below).

Waaargh Pug
I would very much like to see a brute, maxed-strength hero or anti-hero with bulging muscles and both fists raised. Sort of like an ultimate brawler! Excited to see where this line goes!

Answer: Expect something very much like that, hopefully in Season 2; let's call him Mayhem...

Woo! Customisability is key I think!

Answer: Build your own is definitely a plan, and we are weighing up having standard and Veteran profiles for the core characters.

I'd love to see a super with stretchy powers get their due. Most games have avoided them, which is fair since they could be very powerful given a little creativity. Which might be hard to model in a game.

Answer: Although no stretchy guys are planned for Season 1, we definitely want to include them as a classic archetype.

I'd like to see a ruleset interfacing with scenery large and small so it doesnt all depend on the miniatures and their skills.
Espescially with a low number of figures its replayability and differences could be handled by a ruleset doing just that.
Grab and smash bonuses, arm yourself with trashcan weaponry - achieve bonusses etc...

Answer: Interacting with the Environment both in combat and movement is fundamental to the game, don't worry.

Fantastic idea. Hope to see some fun powers effects sculpted and available to go with the cool hero sculpts. Keep up the good work!

Answer: A couple of Characters will have power effects made as models, but not all of them - we'll try and do it for the right Characters.

Figures are looking good so far. I definitely want a couple of them. For me, I like the big guys so a big, brutish bad guy (or girl) would be appealing...

Answer: There will be a few bigger brutish types (one was printed this week!), and as the game grows even bigger supers will be added.

great miniatures Leon...what do I want to see in the future?
Maybe those plucky teenagers from the 27th century "The Future hero's club"?
especially that team hot-head "Kid Comet"!
my favorite issue is #213 when they crossover with the Icons of Justice and fight each other!

Answer: No plans for the future characters yet, but certainly expect a time-displaced Faction in Season 2!

More villains!

Answer: We can promise that!

Eddy Artillery
Marvelous! More Super figures!! I shall be following this with interest!

Answer: We can promise more supers minis!


Supers Unlimited Kickstarter Has Launched!

The  Supers Unlimited  Kickstarter is live here:  link All characters will come with  Pulp City  and Super Mission Force profiles!