Friday, 10 March 2017

Ace Sketches

The Covenant of Justice characters have been in my head and in my notes for many years (as I mentioned in the Doc Cosmos post), and some, like Doc, have gone through a few changes in that time. One character who has been pretty constant however is Ace, and I am glad to finally have him realised in visual form this year.

These sketches were the basis of the final art pieces for Ace which I will be showing off in due course no doubt!

Like Doc Cosmos, I would really like to get Ace sculpted and cast up, and maybe one day make a small selection of Covenant of Justice minis available, so I hope you like him.

Of the stable of characters, Ace is one of my favourites. He has no powers other than what may border on preternatural good fortune. A guy who is not afraid of a fight, Ace relies on his athleticism, a sharp mind and a smart mouth to get him through, but who knows how long his luck will hold!

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  1. Awesome looking character and concept :D

  2. A nice concept for a superhero.
    Funny how many superheroes seem to think they can protect their identity by just putting a facemask on 😉.
    The first drawing is my favourite, as his armour seems a little bit more robust in that one.

    1. Thanks Wouter. :)

      I am getting art done since pages of only text are less than inviting, so it breaks up the 'wall of text' thing that can happen. Then it made sense to use my own characters, and they have an old-school influence, that is for sure. :)

  3. I like the idea of a hero with limited power, the godlike Superman is just a big of a yawn fest for me!

    1. There is some power scaling in Supers Unlimited, so it should cater for builds at different levels of power. Not as far out as Superman or Dr. Manhattan maybe, but pretty far reaching. :)


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