Monday, 20 March 2017

Supers Unlimited Design Principles

The ethos I have set for myself with Kitbash Games is to make fun and accessible low-entry cost skirmish games.

Like many gamers, I have played and modified games for years, and as the first public Kitbash product, Supers Unlimited will be a real reflection of that, and of my lifelong fascination with the supers genre.

My first attempt at super-based skirmish gaming was with the old Warhammer Fantasy Battles 2nd edition which had a points cost calculator and profiles which in their own way allowed the creation of supers analogues. In those heady days I was using whatever Grenadier and Games Workshop minis I could get which I felt were suitable and created a whole pantheon of characters, although few ever made it to the table. I was a big fan of 'crunch' in those days, and it showed.

In the years since I have started and not finished a few sets of supers rules until Supers Unlimited. Informed by my experience contributing design for Pulp City, and reflecting on what I like in the emerging market of low-cost accessible rule-sets, I set out to make something that played quickly, allowed for pick up and play through speedy character creation, yet retained a lot of flavour flexibility. Of course doing all of that means compromises, but that is part of the design process in my opinion.

Although the final version of the first edition Supers Unlimited rules will be fairly 'lite', I feel there will be a lot packed into the book to provide a lot of replay substance. My feel for the supers genre in comics as well as gaming theory may be a little classical, so I hope that is reflected in the final work and strikes a note with other gamers.

Supers Unlimited with have a nominal parallel mythos (the world of the Covenant of Justice), but the game is not tied to a single backstory - it is fully intended to allow players to create your own world of supers - populated by your Heroes, Villains and Anti-Heroes. You will be able to grab the minis you want to create the game you want to play.

The plan with Kitbash Games books is to offer them as Print on Demand (PoD) and pdf download (and bundles of both) at a reasonable price. I hope to launch the book in the next couple of months, and I already have a fairly stable draft version - now I just want to ensure the rules cover and explain everything needed to play a supers game and have fun doing it.

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  1. Are you going to present you brainchild at Salute?
    I'm definitely interested in getting the PDF.

    1. Hi Wouter. No, far too soon for that! :)

      I expect 2-3 months at most before getting the pdf and PoD onto Wargames Vault.


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